• Red Black Tree in Action

  • algorithms · leetcode · 2017-08-06 · yuex
  • The first time I get to know red black tree is quite a few years ago when I was reading CLRS' famous Introduction to Algorithms. But at that time their explaination of red black tree was very tedious and couter-intuitive. Perhaps that's because the original red black tree is not very neat by itself. But anyway, Sedgewick later discovered the …

  • The True Beauty of KMP: from DFA to NFA

  • algorithms · leetcode · 2017-06-04 · yuex
  • Poetry, Algorithm, and KMP

    Great algorithms are poetry of computation Francis Sullivan

    Poetry always give us an enjoyable exprience if not a meaningful enlightenment to the true nature of life. But 10 years ago when I first read about KMP on CLRS' classic Introduction to Algorithms, what I went through was only confusion. Though the code was succinct like a …