• Red Black Tree in Action

  • algorithms · leetcode · 2017-08-06 · yuex
  • The first time I get to know red black tree is quite a few years ago when I was reading CLRS' famous Introduction to Algorithms. But at that time their explaination of red black tree was very tedious and couter-intuitive. Perhaps that's because the original red black tree is not very neat by itself. But anyway, Sedgewick later discovered the …

  • The True Beauty of KMP: from DFA to NFA

  • algorithms · leetcode · 2017-06-04 · yuex
  • Poetry, Algorithm, and KMP

    Great algorithms are poetry of computation Francis Sullivan

    Poetry always give us an enjoyable exprience if not a meaningful enlightenment to the true nature of life. But 10 years ago when I first read about KMP on CLRS' classic Introduction to Algorithms, what I went through was only confusion. Though the code was succinct like a …

  • Install Gentoo to VirtualBox and Package It to Vagrant

  • linux · gentoo · 2017-01-04 · yuex
  • Introduction

    I have been fiddling with MacBook Pro in the past few days. The Quartz Desktop is really awesome. MacOS has got some software supports as pretty as Windows. Graphical applications like Steam and BattleNet are available. But still I didn't get used to BSD toolchains.

    At first thought, I told myself not to be so close-minded. So I tried …