• Install Gentoo to VirtualBox and Package It to Vagrant

  • linux · gentoo · 2017-01-04 · yuex
  • Introduction

    I have been fiddling with MacBook Pro in the past few days. The Quartz Desktop is really awesome. MacOS has got some software supports as pretty as Windows. Graphical applications like Steam and BattleNet are available. But still I didn't get used to BSD toolchains.

    At first thought, I told myself not to be so close-minded. So I tried …

  • 彩色终端

  • linux · emacs tmux · 2016-11-11 · yuex
  • 说真的,当发现 Emacs 还不支持全彩色时,我还是有点吃惊的。毕竟很多程序都已经开始支 持了,比如 vim,neovim,konsole 等等。连 tmux 都从今年三月的 2.2 版本开始支持全彩色了。 没有全彩色支持对于 terminal 下工作的人来说,真的很不爽,像是 solarized 常用的主题颜 色在非全彩色情况下的退化表现一般都不是很理想。不过好在 emacs 上有全彩色的 patch,可 以实现这个小目标。

    以 24.5 版本为例

    curl https://goo.gl/a9qsIY > emacs-24.5-24bit.diff
    wget http://gnu.mirrors.pair.com/gnu/emacs/emacs-24.5.tar.gz
    tar xzf emacs-24.5 …