ttk · 2017-12-25 · yuex

Compare with Past Years

I spent 1581/10 on 1st tasks which is about 60 hours less than last year and 230 hours less than the year before last year. Though it is primarily due to my relocation to PA and then to CA which keeps creating a totally new environment to me, I should be able to improve it by purchasing a better table and a better chair to make the working environment more comfortable.

In fact, I did pretty well in the first half of 2017. I scored 35/01, 49/40, 47/54, and 42/04 in the first four month due to the heavy load course such as 15410, 15312, and 15417 of CMU. But starting from the summer, I have been slacking. It dropped below 30. In the fall semester I spent a lot of time on job hunting. After that I felt lack of motivation to do more tasks.

I also scored less in total tracked time which is only 1581/10, way less than past years during which I could track over 2500 very easily.


260/ on 15410. 112/30 to finish a 32bit fully-preemptive OS kernel. I spent another 18/ to make it able to support virtualization with some hack. This work was done in a team of two.

163/30 on 15417. 123/ on the project to finish some key phases of a SML compiler, such as phase splitting, cps conversion, closure conversion, and hoisting. The final deliverable could compile SML code to C code and then use gcc to compile it to binary executable. A Cheney-Scan copying GC was implemented with only 100 line of C.

82/ on 15883. Though there are still a lot of topics in this course I don't fully unstand, I feel excited to learn more about human brain. Topics such LTP, LTD, NMDA, cerebellum, hippocampus, conditioning, and dopamine in basal ganglia are very interesting. I feel that I can project some of these low-level mechnisms to some high-level psychology phenomena.

In the fall semester, I also took some side courses, science of growth and negotiation. It is awesome to learn something other algorithm and system. I never think that negotiation could be a subject of science. It turns out there are some scientic and systematic approaches that you could take when preparing for a negotiation, though a large part of it is still art.

I also started to trade stocks. Though making money makes me happy, the more important thing is that it gives a chance to ponder about those irrational behaviors of human, especially of myself, as a representative example.

I spend 356/20 on the preparation and conduction of interviews. 299/50 on leetcode. It is comparable to the hours I will spent on a single games a few years before. When you recognize some patterns out of it, it somehow becomes a game which is sort of addictive.

I also got my CA dirver license for both passenger vehicles and motorcycles. Only 66 is required. But waiting the DMV to mail me the offical driver license took much longer time.

In this year, I got more used to emacs and picked up org mode.

Some Thoughts about Next Year

I want to make some changes to my tracking system. I want use the time counting feature of org mode to track and summarize time. Though org mode doesn't provide sufficient sort functionalities, it should be okay to work around this issue.

Time tracking will be done by time counting individual tasks by using capture. The records will be moved to a separate file at the end of day to classify it to its category. I hope this method could encourage more frequent daily and weekly review of my short-term and long-term goals. I hope this could help to the summary time from 7 hours to dozens of minutes.

Another change is that I will count a year from Chrismas week to Chrismas week so that I can use the Chrismas holiday to review the year. It is more consistent with western calendar. It will also help me to come up with the new year resolution.

Third change is that start from this year, besides the stats that I have collected, I will also provide a short note like this to review the year in details. Hope this will give me a better recall about the year.